Please have a look at our Linux server Web Hosting rates below:

Service Terms
1. After registration of an account payment would be refundable within 30 days which does mean that your services must be terminated within 30 days, and also for that one has to present the reason of inconvenience.
2. There is no any refund on renewals and transfers at all.
3. Domain registration and setup charges are not refundable.
4. Account can be suspended even in the first month of registration and no refund would be admissible in the condition if some one found doing violation of company terms.
5. Transfer charges of hosting from one server to another would be PKR.1000
6. Website, email and other digital resources are customers own responsibliity in terms of their legality, credibility and their backup.
7. Soft Solutions ensures highest possible time of uptime of our servers, however, 100% uptime is not possible nor committed. In case you are uncomfortable with our services, you can request a refund in first 30 days of account or cancellation of account. We'll provide any needed assistance to you
8. Soft Solutions will try to give you full support. However, customer support is only committed from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday.
9. We can create account only after the conformation of payment.'
10. To save yourself from worry about the disconnection you must renew your package before a week from expiry date.
11. No one can claim about the backup or hosting data after the expiry of package, it depend upon the wish of company whether it could provide or not.
12. If one is not satisfied with the services and want to get refund before the end of first month, we will refund but setup charges PKR.200 would be deducted along with the cost of the domain, one must keep this fact again that there must be presented a solid reason of inconvenience, in case of any issue raised not from hosting side, there would not be any refund, after satisfaction of an account refundable, setup charges and domain charges would be deducted and domain panel and authorization code would be delivered to the client and the remaining amount would be refunded.

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